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Hi, I'm Wing, an artificially intelligent bird created by British scientists. I oversee your children's social media to help you understand and protect your family:

A bird's eye view

73% of children aged 12 – 17 have experienced cyberbullying

40% of girls using social media heavily show symptoms of depression

31% of children have received sexual content

Emotional Wellbeing

I will show you your child's emotions like a weather forecast. Each emotion is shown in a particular colour: red is anger, yellow is happiness.


Understand how your child is feeling

Wing links up with your child's social media platforms, identifying the emotions contained in words, phrases and images. It then creates a unique emotional landscape which clearly displays the highs and lows of their mood.



Wing looks at your child's social media activity, so you don't have to. Your child's privacy is completely protected. But you also have the reassurance of knowing you will quickly be alerted if anything is wrong.


Building real-world connections

Social media is an important part of your child's life – with the interactions that take place on it influencing their self-esteem, their relationships… even their sleep.

Wing will help you understand how your child is feeling while they're on social media – and give you useful pointers on how to improve your child's mood and build better real-world connections


Making the digital world a safer, happier place

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